The Only Hope

The way to rightfully use so that change of our souls will be readily achieved from the evil deeds to grace and purity of living, it is a must to go back to God, which in great disgrace of the soul has been far from the multitude of people. We have to encourage our faith, enkindle and purify our hearts by a good confession and holy communion; lifting our souls always to God; make holy our character; evangelize to all the good and praiseworthy example, so that the odor of virtue and of grace will take away the bad odor of the uncontrolled scandal which will kill the soul.

The lack of modest dressing of our women most especially in entering the house of God and in receiving the Sacraments, the dance that is now prevalent, which is the wide road towards damnation against purity and the soul also must be left behind.

Nothing on earth can rightfully exchange for one soul; the price of one soul is the God who was born and died on the Cross.

There’s no doubt that our homes will be holy and be pure again if Jesus and Mary will reign. The way that they will reign in our homes, is to always pray the Holy Rosary.