The Canonical Recognition of the Remains of the Servant of God Arch. Teofilo B. Camomot

We had the once-in-a-lifetime privilege to witness the Canonical Recognition of the Remains of the Servant of God Archbishop Teofilo B. Camomot. The Responsorial Psalm “The just man is a light in the darkness of the upright,” and the Gospel of Jesus’ similes of man’s being the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world” were just apt for the occasion, for indeed, when he was still with us, Archbishop Camomot was the “just man” who served as the light in a world of sin and of misery.

In life, Nyor Lolong was the “salt of the earth” which in the Aramaic word originally meant “catalyst”, since he acted as a bridge between God and man. He was also the bearer of light – Jesus – since he showed God’s love and mercy to everyone who came to him.

Archbishop Jose Palma celebrated the mass and at the end of the ceremony, the Canonical Recognition began. Once the Postulator, Msgr.Dennis Villarojo cut the seal affixed by Archbishop Emeritus Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, the lid of the coffin was then opened. The remains of the late archbishop was in a dessicated state — the head was almost reduced to a skeleton with skin and some hair intact.

There was no need to see the condition of the entire body since the examination of the head already sufficed. It could be that the body is still of the same condition as in September 2009 when the remains were translated to the site from the family mausoleum. After a few minutes, the lid was once again closed. Msgr. Villarojo then poured thallow on the lid then followed by Archbishop Palma affixing his seal with the use of his ring.

The ceremony was also witnessed by Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Tony Ranola, the Promoter of Justice Msgr. Raul Go, Historical Commission head Msgr. Gelbolingo and other members of the Beatification Commission.